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Neighborhood Walk...

While walking to the park one day we passed two homes {neighbors} with amazing landscaping, and one with an adorable driveway. I think it would make the drive home a little more enjoyable.


It's Raining...

It's pouring. And if you live anywhere in the Southeast you are feeling it as well. This weekend I had planned to do some spring cleaning and working inside, so I guess it works out. I hope the forecast is correct and we some sunshine on Sunday though. If you need some weekend reading here is my weekly round-up of some great homes showcased this week.
A walk through some neighborhoods @ The Newlywed Diaries

A little modern cottage @ Small Space Style

Jack & Lulu's @ Little Green Notebook

Idea House @ Dwellings & Decor

Beach living @ Two Ellie

courtesy: google images


Won't You be my Neighbor...

Along with the spring blooms I also snapped pictures of some of the great homes in the neighborhood. Sorry for the lighting in some, I had a lab who wanted to be always on the move. Enjoy!
I think this home is my favorite! I love passing it everyday to and from work. I love the windows across the front and the arched [copper] canopy over the entrance.

This one sits on the corner and faces the corner. It's one of a kind.
I have come to realize I like arches.

Wants not to love. Great curb appeal and fabulous landscaping

I know it is hard to tell, but the shutters are lavender; and it has great windows. And that tree = wonderful. I love trees.

Traditional, but cute with the arched dormers, columns, and flower boxes.

Again. Love the windows.